New 'Kick-Ass' Photos Hit The 'Net, Featuring Aaron Johnson In Pseudo-Superhero Costume

'Kick-Ass'Last month we got our first look at the main character's do-it-yourself superhero costume in "Kick-Ass," the upcoming adaptation of Mark Millar's ultraviolent comic book series, directed by Matthew Vaughn. While most of our on-set peeks at the film have been blurry at best, Newsarama has posted a pair of photos from the set that provide a clear look at actor Aaron Johnson in the role of wannabe-superhero Dave Lizewski -- and in full "Kick-Ass" costume.

We've posted one of the photos after the jump, and from the look of things, the scene seems to be pulled from one of the early issues of the comic -- possibly when Johnson's character protects a stranger from a pack of thugs. (Johnson's pose in the photo is pretty much spot-on with the character's pose in the comics.)


While Johnson's pose does mirror that of his comics counterpart, "Kick-Ass" faithful have been quick to point out that there is one noticeable difference 'tween the print comic and the live-action version: Johnson's mask has a hole for the mouth. Now that we've acknowledged that, though, we can't help but admit to being impressed with Vaughn's adherence to the comics in so many other ways -- including what looks to be a dead-on, shot-by-shot recreation of the comic's opening scene.

What do you think, readers? Does Vaughn's attention to the "Kick-Ass" comic bode well for the film?