'The Dark Knight' Score Disqualified, No Academy Award Consideration

'The Dark Knight'It looks like there will be one less nod to "The Dark Knight" at this year's Oscars, as the executive committee for the music branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has disqualified the score from "The Dark Knight" from award consideration. According to Variety, official letters regarding the Academy's decision are expected to go out this week to composers Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, who collaborated on the score.

From what we can gather about the report, it appears that Warner Bros' decision to include multiple composers' names on the film's cue sheet -- which identifies the creators and owners of all of the music used in a film -- was to blame for the disqualification. Zimmer previously stated that including a list of names on the cue sheet allows those responsible for the overall musical element of the project to be properly compensated with royalties.

Zimmer and Howard, who have been nominated for multiple Oscars individually (Zimmer won in 1995 for "The Lion King"), were similarly disqualified for their "Batman Begins" score in 2005.

Although the five people listed as composers on "The Dark Knight" -- including Zimmer, Howard, music editor Alex Gibson, ambient music designer Mel Wesson and composer Lorne Balfe -- signed an affidavit stating that Zimmer and Howard were the primary composers, the majority of the Academy sided against the duo's eligibility. According to Variety, several members did side with the "Dark Knight" composers, citing "the originality and cutting-edge nature of the music."

Did "The Dark Knight" get shafted? What do you think about the Academy's decision? How do you think "The Dark Knight" will do in another Oscar categories? Is the Joker behind it all? Let us know in the comments!