President-Elect Barack Obama: Fanboy?!

Super Obama!After President-Elect Barack Obama swept the nation in this year's election, many comic book writers and artists spoke to Splash Page about how thrilled they were with the results, and openly expressed their hopes in a Obama-led future -- but little did we know at the time that Obama was one of us?

It's true -- according to a list compiled by the Telegraph UK titled "Barack Obama: The 50 Things You Might Not Know," the new leader of the free world is a comic collectin', "Potter" readin', gadget lovin', bona fide geek.

In addition to learning of a "Spider-Man" and "Conan" comic collection (even though he earlier admitted that he identifies with Batman as well as Spidey), it's also revealed that Obama has read all of the "Harry Potter" books (and rumor has it he's moving on to the "Twilight" series next), and claims his worst habit (besides smoking cigarettes, obvs) is "constantly checking his BlackBerry." And if you're wondering if Obama is "a Mac or a PC," Obama furthers his nerd-cred by using a Mac laptop complete with a Pac Man sticker.

However, as mentioned on The Beat today, Obama isn't the first Prez to admit to being a fan of the funnybooks. Ronald Reagan apparently started each day by reading the daily "Spider-Man" newspaper comic strips, and Franklin Roosevelt was such a fan of "Dick Tracy," the he's rumored to have once called a newspaper publisher to find out how Tracy was going to escape a trap because he just couldn't wait until the next day's strip.

Glad to hear that our President is a comic collector? If you could recommend a comic for Obama, what would it be?