Showtime Developing Perry Moore's Novel 'Hero' With Stan Lee

Stan LeeIt looks like one superhero might make it to the small screen -- but it won't be one you've seen in the pages of Marvel or DC. According to Variety, Showtime and Stan Lee are developing Perry Moore's novel "Hero" into an hour long series.

"Hero" is the story of Thom Creed, a high school basketball star. He has a lonely, solitary life, largely thanks to being the son of a superhero, Hal Creed. The elder Creed was one of the most popular heroes of his day, and a proud member of the League, until the death of his wife drove him into exile.

Thom doesn't want to disappoint his still proud father, so he struggles to keep two secrets from him -- that he is gay, and that he is developing superhero powers of his own. Thom has the power to heal people, something that attracts the attention of the League. Invited to join, the young man accepts, and finds himself part of a pretty motley crew of superheroes. From there, it's a story of mystery, adventure, love, and deadly plots.

Showtime is a network known for good television dramas, but this is still a pretty gutsy choice. None of the premiere cable networks has been willing to launch a superhero series, and to choose one with a gay protagonist might prove rather tricky for audiences. There's no doubt Moore's book would make a great series, though, so let's hope the involvement of Lee gets it on air.

Readers, do you think the world is ready for a series about a gay superhero? Would you prefer Moore's book made it to the big screen instead of the small? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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