'Magneto' Producer Lauren Shuler Donner On Film's Status And Plot

MagnetoFor somebody with a giant, "I hate humanity" chip on his shoulder, Magneto, Marvel's megalomaniacal "Master of Magnetism," has got to be happy with the latest news regarding his upcoming spotlight film, "X-Men Origins: Magneto," which (if yesterday's plot synopsis news can be trusted) will tell the fascinating story of Magneto's life -- from his childhood to his tense relationship with Professor X, which all eventually leads up to his staunch anti-homo sapien stance.

Yet despite movement on the project, when will a Magneto film actually hit theaters, considering "Wolverine," "Iron Man 2," "Captain America," "Thor" and pretty much half of the Marvel Universe all have films in production with official release dates attached? Empire online recently caught up with "Magneto" producer Lauren Schuler Donner to get a status report on the film.

“We have a script on 'Magneto' which is actually sort of 'Magneto and Charles Xavier,'” explained Donner in the Empire piece. “It’s Erik and Charles in their early, early years.”

But despite the script being written by David Goyer and Sheldon Turner, Donner couldn't give a release date for the film. “I think first we wanted to make 'Wolverine,' and then David [Goyer] took another film, and there wasn’t a lot of time. But I’d like to make that – we’ll have to see.”

Would you like to see Magneto on the fast track, or are you more interested to see "Iron Man 2" and the other announced Marvel films first? Let us know in the comments.