New 'Punisher: War Zone' Images Provide First Look At Jigsaw

Dominic West as Jigsaw in 'Punisher: War Zone'"Punisher: War Zone" is inching ever closer to its December 5 release, so that means bits and pieces of the film are starting to hit the 'Net a little more often these days. When it comes to the latest element of "Punisher" promotion to hit the grid, "bits and pieces" seems an especially appropriate term, as we get our first peek at the stitched-up villain of the film, Jigsaw.

Playing the pieced-together villain is actor Dominic West, who seems barely recognizable behind the stitches and staples holding his character's face together. In the "Punisher" comic book series, Jigsaw is one of the Marvel vigilante's few recurring enemies, as most of the villains who cross his path tend to end up on the wrong end of bullet or, as the comics-version of Jigsaw discovered, a plate glass window.

Check out one of the two new images after the jump, and head over to MovieWeb for the other -- featuring a close-up look at the villain's disfigured face.

Dominic West as Jigsaw in 'Punisher: War Zone'

What do you think of Jigsaw's look, readers? Does it match your impressions from the comics?

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