Elizabeth Banks Explains The Appeal Of 'The Surrogates' And Its Prequel Potential

Elizabeth Banks has been all over the movie scene lately, with roles in everything from "W." to "Zack and Miri Make A Porno," but the upcoming adaptation of Rob Venditti's graphic novel "The Surrogates" has Banks playing her most unique role thus far: producer. A few months ago, we spoke with Venditti about the path "The Surrogates" followed to become comics' latest big-screen adaptation, and even gave you a preview of his upcoming prequel story, "Flesh and Bone." Now we get the story straight from Banks herself, who not only makes her debut as producer with the science-fiction film, but also has the star power of Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames on board to ensure her first outing as producer gets off on the right foot.

Check out what Banks has to say about "The Surrogates" in the video we've posted here, including her thoughts on the prequel story's film potential.

"There is only a prequel to 'The Surrogates' as of right now that hasn't even come out yet," said Banks. "But we would love to make that into a movie. But I think we're going to handle this one -- first and foremost -- and then see how we do."

For more on Elizabeth Banks' upcoming debut as producer for "The Surrogates," head over to MTV Movies.

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