'The Dark Knight' Continues To Set Box Office Records, Script Now Available For Download

'The Dark Knight'With all the talk about global financial meltdowns these days, it seems nothing can generate any kind of significant revenue -- unless of course it's "The Dark Knight."

Indeed, Christopher Nolan's superhero epic continues to rake in the cheddar, which, according to a report on /film.com, is slowly creeping up on the $1 billion(!) watermark, with a worldwide take of $997,535,317 in box office receipts. Domestically, "The Dark Knight" has pulled in $528,535,317, yet still well under the current domestic box office title holder "Titanic" ($600,788,188). Needless to say, it will be interesting to see if "The Dark Knight" can prove the Hollywood skeptics wrong by overtaking the total box office gross for "Titanic" when it is re-released in theaters this January in hopes to attract Oscar attention.

However, if the re-release isn't enough to warrant a nod from The Academy, Warner Bros. has also made the script from the film available for download on their website. Or, if you're not a member of the prestigious Academy, feel free to use the script for your own reenactments with friends, action figures or sock puppets.

What say you, Splash Page readers? Think "The Dark Knight" is poised to sink "Titanic" in box office receipts? Will you be heading back to the theaters for a second helping of Batman goodness in January? Talk to us in the comments.