EXCLUSIVE: New 'Watchmen' Poster Hits The Web And Splash Page Has The First Look!

'Watchmen'As "Watchmen" mania reaches a fever pitch, Warner Bros. has given Splash Page a first look at another in their series of character-centric teaser posters, this time featuring Malin Akerman as Silk Spectre II (and be sure to watch MTV's "Spoilers" this Friday at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT for an exclusive preview of "Watchmen"!).

So far, we've seen posters featuring the demise of The Comedian as well as one starring a brooding Rorschach, and now fans get to see the Silk Spectre doing what she does best -- looking dangerously sexy!

After the jump, check out the poster in full, read about Akerman's thoughts on the Silk Spectre's revealing costume, and check out a full gallery of the other promo posters released around the 'Net today.

'Watchmen' Silk Spectre II Poster

"It was really interesting," Akerman laughed of the Silk Spectre costume. "You know, latex sticks to your body, it sticks like a glove. The funny thing about it is because the costume was so revealing and so form fitting; we went through a few fittings just trying to get bubbles out. There's all these issues that you never expect because it's not very often that you make costumes out of latex. We had a professional that works with latex all the time trying to help us out. It was an interesting process and the outcome was beautiful but uncomfortable [laughs]."


What do you think of the poster, readers? Hoping to get your hands on one of these? Let us hear what you think in the comments.