Marvel Recruits 'Rocketeer' Director Joe Johnston For 'Captain America' Movie -- So What Do YOU Think?

Captain AmericaProof that Hollywood doesn't take a day off, over the weekend it was announced that Academy-Award winning, former special-effects master Joe Johnston has been officially confirmed as the director on "First Avenger: Captain America" -- part of Marvel's upcoming onslaught of films that will eventually lead into the highly-anticipated geekgasam, "The Avengers." No writers or actors are currently attached.

While in no way a newbie to the world of comic book and fanboy-friendly films -- having made his bones at LucasFilm working on the "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" franchises as well as serving as director on "The Rocketeer" -- Johnston's name comes as somewhat of a surprise as director of the upcoming "Captain America" film (despite the behind-the-scenes rumors saying that Johnston had been in discussions with Marvel for years leading up to the announcement). That said, we'd like to know what you, the comic fans out there, think of this decision.

Did Marvel make the right move with Johnston, or is there another director out there who you feel should take charge of Marvel's Sentinel of Liberty? And now that a director is attached to the film, let's talk about writers and -- most importantly -- actors to play the role of Cap.

Let's hear it, True Believers -- we wanna know what you think! Talk it up in the comments below, and for more information on this announcement, be sure to visit MTV Movies!

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