Brett Ratner To Direct 'Conan' Reboot, Multiple Films Planned

'Conan'Brett Ratner, the director the fanboys and girls just love to hate, is officially the director of "Conan." Or at least, almost officially. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ratner is in final negotiations with Lionsgate to direct a reboot/remake of the world's most famous barbarian. This confirms the rumors that have swirled around the project for months, and is likely to lead to months of ranting on the geekier corners of the Internet. Well, they do say any publicity is good publicity, right?

Apparently, Ratner fell in love with the revamped script, which was penned by Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly, who drew heavily on Robert E. Howard's original pulp stories. The writing duo is in the process of doing a quick polish to incorporate some of Ratner's ideas -- which may or may not look back to Howard's pulp tradition.

While the plot details remain under wraps, Millennium Film's Avi Lerner gave some clue as to what we can expect from the first film. "The story opens on the battlefield where Conan is born and tells the origin story that sets the stage for what will be the first of multiple films."

The film is still being eyed for a 2010 release, but they are definitely in for a time crunch, as Ratner remains committed to directing "Beverly Hills Cop 4" which is reportedly his first priority. Rushing a remake is hardly the best way to reintroduce a franchise, so let's hope Conan gets a little breathing room somewhere down the line.

Are you disappointed that the rumors are true, and Ratner is directing "Conan"? Or do you think fandom is too hard on him, and that he'll do the Barbarian justice?