Mark Strong Talks 'Kick-Ass' Violence, Financing Rumors; Says Mark Millar Plans 3-Volume Series

Mark StrongActor Mark Strong, who plays mob boss Frank D'Amico in the upcoming adaptation of Mark Millar's comic book series "Kick-Ass," had quite a bit to say about the Matthew Vaughn-helmed project in an interview with FirstShowing -- including some details about the ultraviolent story's print future.

In the interview, Strong addressed reports that Vaughn's decision to self-finance "Kick-Ass" was a product of studios balking at the level of violence in the story. According to Strong, his conversations with Vaughn indicated that the level of violence in "Kick-Ass" was never an issue, and the decision to self-finance the project was based on creative preference more than any other factors.

Strong also shed some light on his character in the film, explaining that D'Amico "has got this dilemma of realizing that his organization is falling apart and he can't quite work out why."

"So the film starts with him basically questioning one his guys, who he believes has taken his money or his drugs," said Strong. "And that scene is the most together you ever see him, and then over the course of the film, he basically falls apart. He starts to basically lose his mind."

As we've pointed out here once or twice, despite the film's advanced stage of production, there are still only four issues of its source material on shelves. In fact, some of the primary characters in the "Kick-Ass" story have yet to take a big role in the story unfolding in the comic book -- including Strong's villain, D'Amico. However, Strong mentioned that Millar has already laid out plans to produce three volumes of "Kick-Ass," with eight issues in each volume.

Thus far, the big-screen version of "Kick-Ass" appears to mirror much of the story in the first four issues of the print series -- so one has to wonder whether Millar's plans for the print series could pave the way for a film trilogy, too?

There are quite a few pieces of news here, so what do you think about this "Kick-Ass" update?