New York Chocolate Show Puts Wonder Woman, Bat Girl And Co. In Candy Costumes - See Photos Here!

Wonder Woman in New York Chocolate ShowIt's every girl's dream to be covered in chocolate, and on Thursday night, a few lucky models dressed as superheroes got to live out the fantasy. Talk about wearing designer -- this was designer chocolate.

Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Poison Ivy, Dark Phoenix Storm from the X-Men, and even Iron Man walked the catwalk at New York's Chocolate Show, where designers paired with chocolatiers and pastry chefs to create one-of-a-kind edible outfits. (Former "Project Runway" designers Jack Mackenroth, Kevin Christiana, and Kit Scarbo handled duties for Wonder Woman, Black Phoenix, and Poison Ivy, respectively, with Jaslene Gonzalez from "America's Next Top Model" displaying the Wonder Woman outfit.)

Storm, for instance, was wearing a headpiece of Callebaut Belgian and Valrhona French chocolate, weighing almost ten pounds, with chocolate spikes resembling a Manhattan skyline. Her outfit was 40-percent chocolate, though, with a satin cape (with 100 chocolate rings) and grey, spandex pants. But she also had a three-layer chocolate corset, a chocolate belt, and calf-high chocolate boots. Yum.

There was a perfect replica of the brown leather outfit worn by "Xena the Warrior Princess" Lucy Lawless, but in Valrhona's dark Caraibe chocolate -- the headpiece dripped in chocolate coins and the skirt had sugar dots-like rivets. In all, it was about 15 pounds of chocolate.

Iron Man, who came out to the Black Sabbath theme, had chocolate surrounding him like football padding. Instead of lasers, Barbarella's chocolate gun shot Grand Marnier. Lara Croft also got smothered in Valrhona.

With the skimpy outfits, limited movement, and the chance of chocolate melting in the crowded room, the odds for a wardrobe malfunction were high (smart models put tape on their nipples under their chocolate bras). But it was gym owner David Barton -- as Chocolate Bar-Ton, a superhero weight-lifter in the mode of a He-Man -- who lost his Jacques Torres cover-up barbells. Luckily for him, he was wearing a speedo.

Check out a trio of images from the show below, featuring Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and Dark Phoenix in all their sweet, chocolate glory.

Wonder Woman at the New York Chocolate ShowBat Girl and Co. at the New York Chocolate ShowDark Phoenix at the New York Chocolate Show

What superhero would YOU like to see in a chocolate version of his/her costume? And what do you think about the superhero theme for this event?