Steven Spielberg, Will Smith In Talks To Remake Manga-Based Japanese Action Film 'Oldboy'

'Oldboy'FROM MOVIES BLOG: Japan has long been considered a hotbed for groundbreaking comic concepts turned films -- from "Akira" (soon to be a state-side live-action remake) to "Ju-On" (which begat "The Grudge") -- and it looks as though the trend is only just beginning to take off here.

Case in point, MTV Movies Blog reports that two of the biggest names in Hollywood -- Steven Sielberg and Will Smith -- are in early talks to work together on a remake of "Oldboy," 2003's ultra-violent film based on Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya classic manga epic (which has since been republished through Dark Horse Comics). According to a Variety report, Spielberg has been looking for a project to work with Smith on for some time now, and Smith will naturally play the title role. The iconic director is currently on the hunt for a screenwriter.

"Oldboy" tells the story of a man trying to recapture his life after being locked in a cell for 15 years for no explained reason, but soon discovers that he's involved in an underworld conspiracy in which he will need to fight his way out of in order to find peace...and himself. The manga later found new life thanks to South Korean director Park Chan-wook, and has gone on to garner a cult-like following among both film and manga fans.

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Anyone out there ever read the manga or seen the original film? Does Will Smith have what it takes to play the main role? Talk it up in the comments.