Kevin Smith's 'Batman: Cacophony' Comic Book Debuts

'Batman: Cacophony'As comic book fans are already well aware, when writer/director Kevin Smith isn't busy making a porno, he occasionally scripts a pretty good comic, too. Sure, he's taken a lot of heat for missing deadlines or, in the case of 2002's "Daredevil: Bullseye" miniseries, dropping the project entirely, but his work on "Green Arrow" -- which brought Oliver Queen back from the dead and successfully relaunched the series -- was a diamond worth all of the rough. Smith makes his return to comics next week with "Batman: Cacophony," a 3-issue miniseries featuring the return of a villain Smith created during his "Green Arrow" run: Onomatopoeia.

Over at MySpace Comics, there's a 5-page preview of "Cacophony," and fans of Smith's films should probably take note that the art for the series was provided by none other than Walt Flanagan -- he of the many roles in "Clerks" and various other Smith projects (and the inspiration for Jason's Lee's character in "Mallrats," or so the 'Tubes tell us). On this end, though, I'm just excited to see the return of Onomatopoeia, who (in this writer's opinion, at least) was one of the best new villains created in comics the last few years.

We've pasted one of the full pages from the preview after the jump, but head over to MySpace Comics for the rest of the preview.

'Batman: Cacophony'

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