Comic Book Artist Jock Shows Off His Christina Aguilera 'Catwoman' Sketches

Xtina by JockBy now, all of fandom has had a chance to see Christina Aguilera's new video for "Keeps Gettin' Better" where the pop star goes Gotham by donning a super-sexy Catwoman costume. But when the video's director, Peter Berg, decided to include an homage to DC Comics' resident knockout jewel thief in the vid, he knew exactly where to turn -- his good friend and acclaimed comic book artist, Jock.

"It was pretty cool, as when I was drawing the pieces I didn't really know in what capacity they'd be used, and pretty much everything I did is there in the actual video," said Jock, who was the artist on Vertigo's "The Losers" which has been making quite a bit of noise lately in Hollywood as well.

Despite an impressive resume in the world of comics -- serving up groundbreaking art on titles ranging from "Green Arrow" to "John Constantine: Hellblazer" for DC Comics -- Jock was still surprised to hear the world of pop music calling when Berg originally asked him to take part in Aguilera's new video, not to mention how much of his art they wound up using.

"I've been working with Pete Berg on concept art for his new 'Dune' adaptation, and he called half way through to say he was shooting Christina's new video," explained Jock on the genesis of the project. "He was very keen to get me to produce some images for it, so I drew up a few sketches and ideas... just throwing ideas about really. It turned out he used these to set up some of the angles and images in the shoot. I then frame matched some of the images so that the FX house could morph my drawings into the live action more cleanly."

Check out some of Jock's sketches below and how they appeared in the video...






So now that comics have firmly established themselves in Hollywood, could music videos be far behind? What do you think?