The Joker Gets Political, Even If 'The Dark Knight' Doesn't

Joker as ObamaSo by now -- thanks in large part to "The Dark Knight" star Aaron Eckhart setting the record straight -- we all know that Christopher Nolan's take on Batman actually isn't a thinly veiled commentary on the Bush Administration. Yes indeed, this summer's superhero blockbuster was just [gasp!] a fun comic book movie with no real agenda -- but that's not stopping artist James Lillis from bringing politics to the mean streets of Gotham!

Sure, by now there's been countless riffs on Shepard Fairey's now-iconic image of President-elect Barack Obama -- even MAD Magazine's resident goofball Alfred E. Neuman got in on the act -- and Fairey even went as far as to post them all on his website. However, none have been more awesome than Lillis' contribution, titled "The Audacity of Joke," featuring everyone's favorite homicidal grinning lunatic, The Joker (as portrayed by "The Dark Knight" star Heath Ledger). "Joke" is currently available as a t-shirt on in a variety of colors (including perfect shades of Joker purple and green), and after the jump, you can check out the image in all of its audaciousness.

'The Audacity of Joke' by James Lillis

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