New 'Spirit' Photos Hit The 'Net: Samuel L. Jackson Is Horrified, Gabriel Macht Gets Dirty

Frank Miller's big-screen adaptation of "The Spirit" hits theaters in less than 60 days and the film's marketing machine has been running at full speed lately, with a variety of cast and crew interviews popping up around the 'Tubes during the last week, and today, a new set of photos from the film.

Over at MovieWeb, there's a nice gallery of the newly released images from "The Spirit," including the one we've posted here and another we've posted after the jump. While the new photos don't seem to reveal any big news about the film, they do provide a few more looks at Samuel Jackson as The Octopus -- who's looking especially terrified in the photo we've posted here.

Samuel Jackson in 'The Spirit'

After the jump, get a peek at The Spirit himself, as played by Gabriel Macht, looking a bit beaten down and dirty -- which, as any fan of the original Will Eisner "Spirit" will certainly attest, is not that uncommon a look for the hero.

Gabriel Macht in 'The Spirit'

What do you think about the new photos, folks? Let us know in the comments!