'Iron Man,' My Chemical Romance & X-Men Cartoons Inspire 'Twilight' Author Stephenie Meyer

'Twilight'FROM MTV MOVIES BLOG: With the big-screen debut of "Twilight" looming, author Stephenie Meyer recently offered up a list of 12 of her biggest inspirations for the wildly popular series to EW.com. While she name-checks quite a few bands among her muses when scripting stories of forbidden love and vampire relations (the series has inspired an entirely new music genre, "Twi-Rock," after all), there are definitely a few surprises in the bunch.

Meyer heaps praise on actor Robert Downey Jr. and describes "Iron Man" as "the best superhero movie that's ever been done," adding that she considers the Marvel Studios blockbuster to be a great model of "how you should feel coming out of a movie."

But that certainly wasn't the most surprising project she listed.

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