Angelina Jolie On The 'Wanted' Story Change She Demanded

Angelina JolieIt's no secret that there were a lot of differences between 2008's live-action adaptation of Mark Millar and J.G. Jones' ultraviolent graphic novel "Wanted" and the story that inspired the film, but according to Angelina Jolie, the reason for one of those changes rests entirely on her shoulders.

In a conversation with LA Times geek-culture blog Hero Complex, the award-winning actress (who played a beautiful assassin named "Fox" in the film) explained that her participation in "Wanted" hinged entirely upon a script revision that significantly changed her character's status at the end of the film from that of the story's print counterpart. In the interest of avoiding BIG OL' SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't seen the film yet ("Wanted" DVD and Blu-Ray are scheduled to hit shelves December 2), we've posted Jolie's comments about the change after the jump.


According to Jolie, her character's death at the end of the film was not part of the initial script for the film, which -- like the graphic novel -- had her character living to kill another day.

"In the original, she doesn’t kill herself," said Jolie. "I actually changed the ending. I said, ‘If she was to find out she had killed people unjustly and was a part of something that wasn't fair, then she should take her own life.'"

So there you have it, folks. One has to wonder, though, what this means for "Wanted 2" -- after all, most of the film's characters saw the business end of a bullet by the conclusion of the first film.

(Oh, and just in case you missed it, we brought up this very same question in our interview with "Wanted 2" screenwriter Chris Morgan. Go check it out to see what he said!)

So what do you think about Angelina Jolie's decision to make her character's grand finale in "wanted" quite a bit more final?

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