How Many Spider-Men Can Fit Into A Jamba Juice? David Letterman Has The Answer

Your dedicated Splash Page writers and editors spend their days on the journalistic battlefield, looking for the latest scoops and rumors regarding your favorite comics and comic book movies. Yes, we usually have all the answers, but every so often we're faced with burning questions that even we can't fathom. Why are we here? What purpose do humans play in the grand scheme of life? And, of course, how many Spider-Men can fit into one Manhattan Jamba Juice?

Granted, we have neither the budget nor the scientific resources to get to the bottom of that insomnia-inducing query, but fortunately for us, "The Late Show" host David Letterman does -- and you can watch the clip below to find out the answer. Thanks, David Letterman!

(Fan Fact: The Jamba Juice where this clip was filmed is in the same building that DC Comics' New York City headquarters is located. Batman and Superman must have been busy that day.)

Think Letterman could've crammed ever more Spider-Men (and his assorted friends) in that Jamba Juice? Talk about it in the comments.