Stephen Colbert Beats Barack Obama & John McCain, Becomes US President... In Marvel Comics

Stephen Colbert, US President?It's been a long campaign full of heroes, villains and spin-off stories that have kept the attention of voters for months, but we finally have a winner, folks. Yes, "truthiness" has prevailed -- and Stephen Colbert is claiming victory over both Barack Obama and John McCain in yesterday's presidential election... in the Marvel Comics Universe.

According to Marvel, "The early results are in and the Daily Bugle is reporting that Stephen Colbert has won the United States Presidency in the Marvel Universe. While many states still have yet to report their numbers, Colbert is already claiming a victory."

UPDATE: Marvel is now reporting that Colbert won the popular vote, but did not win the US presidency.

Apparently, the newspaper Peter Parker first scammed by taking photos of himself in action as Spider-Man has called the winner of yesterday's election. Of course, the announcement seems a bit suspicious, given the report we posted yesterday about which candidates various comic book characters would vote for (Colbert's name wasn't even mentioned).

What will this mean for the Marvel Universe? We can't help but think relations between the US and Russia are bound to get a bit touchy, given the presence of Russian superheroes like Ursa Major, who turns himself into a massive bear to fight enemies of the government.

Check out the front page of the Daily Bugle below, but keep checking back here on Splash Page for more news about this historic victory.

Stephen Colbert, US President?

What do you think about Stephen Colbert's victory in the Marvel Universe?

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