Seth Green On 'Freshmen' Movie: 'Your College Experience Should Be Rated R.'

Seth GreenIn the hierarchy of geek culture, Seth Green stands as a king among nerds. From his early career working on toy commercials to his present day gig on Cartoon Network's "Robot Chicken," it's clear Green lives a rock star the eyes of us fanboys, that is.

And if getting the chance to hang out and collaborate with George Lucas while working on a "Star Wars" themed "Robot Chicken" episode wasn't enough for Green to satisfy his inner-geek, then a movie based on his creator-owned Top Cow comic book series, "The Freshmen," should do the trick. Over at i09, Nisha Gopalan spoke to Green about the upcoming adaptation, the early struggles to get it made, and his take on comics in general.

Despite being an already established name in Hollywood -- not to mention, clearly ahead of the curve in terms of comic book films and how popular they would become -- Green admits that getting "The Freshman" green-lit was no easy feat. "What we found was the marketplace at the time was really unreceptive to comic-book properties," said Green in the i09 piece. "'X-Men' had just come out, and people were still hesitant to believe that a comic book could translate cause it had so much baggage [plot-wise]. So we had an opportunity to make a comic, and we said, 'Well, f--k it. Let’s just entrench it in the marketplace.'"

And while Green admits that he never attended college -- having already landed the career he was interested in perusing professionally at an early age -- he does know a thing or two about the college lifestyle that clearly translates to "The Freshman."

"Your college experience should be rated R," he said. And even though he never even spent a semester at an accredited university, he notes, "I spent a ton of time at colleges. All of my friends were in school, and that’s where I’d discuss with them what their experiences were. It was really just responsibility for the first time. For the first time in someone’s life, they set their own alarm; they do or don’t go to school; they do or don’t eat properly. You know? They do or don’t do all the things they’ve been instructed are crucial. That’s what I’m fascinated by."

But as far as the script for "The Freshmen" film (about which Green says a first draft has been written) he offers up a few hints as to the tone of the movie.

"We do play it for laughs, but at the same time this is a very grounded story about real kids dealing with something significant," said Green. "The changes that you go through when you leave high school and go to college are huge. You’re embracing your own identity for the first time, telling the whole world who you will be for the rest of your life. This is a world where superpowers don’t exist. And I’m not talking first season of 'Heroes.' This is today, this is actually happening, this is right now."

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