'Road To Perdition' Sequels Announced, Max Allan Collins To Direct

'Road to Perdition'It looks like "Iron Man 2” and the follow-up to "The Dark Knight" aren't the only comic book sequels making noise in the Hollywood rumor mill lately. In a not-all-that-surprising bit of breaking news, the Oscar-winning "Road to Perdition" has just popped up on the wire as potentially moving forward with not one, but two sequels.

Announced via press release, "Road to Perdition" -- the critically-acclaimed, Sam Mendes-helmed film which starred an all star cast including Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Daniel Craig and the late Paul Newman -- will become a franchise unto itself, with two sequels titled "Road to Purgatory" and "Road to Paradise" currently in the works. Max Allan Collins, writer of the original graphic novel "Perdition" was based on, has been pegged to not only write the original screenplays for the sequels, but will also direct both films.

According to the announcement, "Purgatory" will center on an all-grown-up Michael Sullivan, Jr. -- the son of Hanks' Michael Sullivan, Sr. from "Perdition" -- who, upon returning from World War II, sets off to avenge the death of his father. He soon finds himself embroiled in an underworld assassination plot contracted by none other than Al Capone. "Paradise" will follow the continued exploits of Sullivan, Jr.

According to the announcement, "Purgatory" will be dedicated to Paul Newman.

Any "Road to Perdition" fans out there happy to hear this news? Looking forward to more Gangland tales by Max Allan Collins? Talk it up in the comments.