Matthew Settle Wants To Go From 'Gossip Girl' To 'Green Lantern'

Matthew SettleBefore he was Rufus Humphrey on "Gossip Girl" -- you know, Dan and Jenny's oh-so-cool (former) rock star dad -- Matthew Settle was Green Lantern. Well, at least for a "Justice League of America" pilot for CBS.

His version was Guy Gardner -- who he played as "cheeky, fun, and sarcastic, you know, young, having fun, having power," Settle told MTV News when we caught up with him before he went a different kind of green for "Wicked".

"That was years ago," Settle said, but he wants to do it again, if the filmmakers behind the latest adaptation would consider him (over, say, Ryan Gosling).

"I want to play the Green Lantern," Settle said. "I'd love to do a comic book hero. Go to the gym, get all buff, puff up. That would be a lot of fun."

And it's not just because he wants to join the superhero club -- Settle is a genuine fan. "I am a total geek," he said. "I'm not even a closet comic book geek. I am the comic book geek."

Settle thinks Green Lantern has the potential to have a better adaptation than Iron Man or Batman, since he's "somewhere in between."

"He'd have the cheekiness of Iron Man," Settle explained, "but he's a bit more serious, because he's so powerful. He has the ring. He has a lot of power. He's one of the most powerful heroes in the comic book universe."

Can you envision Matthew Settle as Green Lantern? Do you think he has a chance? Who would you like to see in the role?