Frank Miller Weighs In On The Specific Changes He's Made To Will Eisner's 'The Spirit'

'The Spirit'With the December 25 release approaching for Frank Miller's big-screen take on Will Eisner's "The Spirit," the hottest topic of discussion continues to be Miller's perceived changes in the tone of the classic comic strip -- with many questioning the first-time solo director's decision to bring a more cartoon-y vibe to "The Spirit."

The LA Times spoke with Miller (who they described as "the most important comic-book artist of the last 25 years") and Samuel L. Jackson, who plays the villainous "Octopus" in the film, about Miller's chosen tone, as well as some of the specific changes in the character's back story he decided to make for the film. Among those changes to the story was Miller's decision to have the character return from the dead with a Looney Tunes-esque level of invulnerability and a special pheromone that makes him irresistible to women -- two elements that didn't exist in the original Eisner stories.

"The old Eisner comics were loaded with romance, beautiful and dangerous women, and that was a way to explain the sparks flying between the Spirit and every woman he meets," Miller explained.

Jackson added his two cents to the discussion and weighing in on the controversial action scenes that kicked off fan criticism of the project, telling the Times, "Nobody else would make this movie this way, which is why he's doing movies now."

Miller acknowledged the controversy and said it was a conscious decision to make a movie different than what fans expected.

"I'm sure when this movie comes out it will stir up a fiery debate . . .," explained Miller. "People have been loving the way comic books have been reaching the screen, but I don't like when everybody drinks the Kool-Aid. I like to shake things up and tell the story the best way possible. And I can tell you firsthand, that's what Will Eisner liked too."

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