Pulitzer Prize Winner David Lindsay-Abaire To Write 'Spider-Man 4’

'Spider-Man'If anyone still doubts that comic book movies are coming up in the world, look no further than this item in The Hollywood Reporter: Apparently, "Spider-Man 4" has landed one heck of a screenwriter in Pulitzer Prize winner and playwright David Lindsay-Abaire. What this means for James Vanderbilt's previous draft is anyone's guess, particularly since plot details remain under tight wraps. But since Lindsay-Abaire's plays focus on (in his own words) "outsiders in search of clarity," the choice suggests that Columbia wants a return to a character-driven "Spider-Man," and a Peter Parker who struggles with his heroic powers.

Columbia has a tradition of hiring top-notch writers for the "Spider-Man" franchise -- if he signs on, Lindsay-Abaire will follow in the skilled footsteps of Alvin Sargent and Michael Chabon. Of course, as "Spider-Man 3„ proved, having a fantastic writer like Sargent doesn't always mean a crowd- or critic-pleasing movie.

This will be Lindsay-Abaire's first time writing for a superhero -- his previous Hollywood efforts include the upcoming "Inkheart," "Robots," a film adaptation of his play, "Rabbit Hole," and the Broadway musical adaptation of "Shrek."

Hopes are pretty high for the fourth "Spider-Man." It's certainly easy to start geeking out when a Pulitzer winner comes aboard, but I'm holding out judgment until they announce the villain. Knowing who Spidey is going to grapple with can be the surest indication as to what kind of movie we'll be getting.

What do you think of Columbia's choice of screenwriter? Is there someone from the comic book world you would rather see tackle "Spider-Man 4„ instead?