'Freaks Of The Heartland' Artist Greg Ruth Discusses Upcoming Film Adaptation

'Freaks of the Heartland'Last week, we brought you the news that "Pineapple Express" director David Gordon Green had been chosen to helm an adaptation of the 2004 Dark Horse Comics miniseries "Freaks of the Heartland," by Steve Niles and Greg Ruth. In our assessment of the news, we celebrated Ruth's artwork as one of the series' highlights.

Tor.com has posted an extensive interview with Ruth in which he discusses his career, personal highlights and creative process, and also weighs in on the upcoming adaptation of "Freaks." While Ruth reports that the film "is not going to be the book exactly," the spectre of story adjustments didn't seem to be keeping him up at night.

"Film is a different medium entirely, and so things will have to be adapted to that change," said Ruth. "That part I always find really fascinating—the what-gets-left-out and what-we-keep of things."

Ruth confessed, however, that there were some aspects of the adaptation process he was concerned about.

"I think my only real concerns right now at this extremely early stage come from the whole movie-making business and committee process," said Ruth. "If this is a smaller production in terms of price and scale, then I think you get less of that, and it makes for a more solid vision later. There’s always a trade-off when money comes into it."

Ruth went on to describe Green as an "interesting choice" to direct the film, saying that he was likely to approach the film "from a different place," and adding, "I think that can only be an asset."

What do you think of the choice of director for "Freaks of the Heartland"? Do you feel adaptations get a fair shake?