Christopher Nolan Discusses The Dark Knight As A Team Player, Heath Ledger's Oscar Legacy

Christopher NolanFanboys are still drooling over the big "Avengers" news that hit the wires this week, so in the third and final installment of the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog's extensive interview with "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan, Geoff Boucher poses the possibility of Nolan's Batman finding his way into Warner Bros.' long-rumored, on-again/off-again "Justice League of America" film.

"I don’t think our Batman, our Gotham, lends itself to that kind of cross-fertilization," explained Nolan in the Hero Complex piece. "If you think of 'Batman Begins' and you think of the philosophy of this character trying to reinvent himself as a symbol, we took the position -- we didn’t address it directly in the film, but we did take the position philosophically -- that superheroes simply don’t exist. If they did, if Bruce [Wayne] knew of Superman or even of comic books, then that’s a completely different decision that he’s making when he puts on a costume in an attempt to become a symbol. It’s a paradox and a conundrum, but what we did is go back to the very original concept and idea of the character. In his first appearances, he invents himself as a totally original creation."

Meanwhile, as we enter Oscar season, Nolan also expounded on the speculation of Heath Ledger being considered for a posthumous statuette.

"I think the thing that has always been important to me in light of Heath’s death is the responsibility I’ve felt to his work," said Nolan. "I felt a great wave of relief, really, as people first started to see the performance and it was clear that they were getting the performance. It’s easy to forget with everything that’s happened what an enormous challenge it was for Heath to take on this iconic role. It's been extremely satisfying for all of us already. Anything that adds to that would be wonderful."

And since it's nearly impossible to interview Nolan and not ask him if he'll be back on board for a third film, Boucher asks the fan-favorite director, given how important the franchise has become to Warner Bros., if he's been under pressure from the studio to come back for an encore.

"[Warner Bros. are] being extremely gracious," Nolan responded. "I have a very good relationship with the studio. They know that I really needed to go on holiday and take some time to figure what I want to do next. They’ve been very respectful of that, which is terrific and one of the reasons I enjoy working with Warner Bros."

Do you think Batman belongs in a "Justice League" film? Or that Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar nod? Talk about it in the comments.