Paramount Options 'Agnes Quill: An Anthology Of Mysteries'

'Agnes Quill'It's always a refreshing change to see a graphic novel optioned that isn't centered around superheroes, gangsters, or assassins. Not that there's anything wrong with the novels that are, of course! But it's refreshing to get a break in the trend -- and Agnes Quill is certainly a unique character for a studio to take on. According to Variety, her headlined novel, "Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mysteries" has been optioned by Paramount Studios.

Agnes is a 16-year-old girl who inherits her grandfather's estate, along with an ability to see and communicate with the dead. The handiest way to employ that particular talent is to solve mysteries, and this she does with aplomb. She dodges bullets, digs through mummified remains, and battles zombies.

You can get a preview of the book here on its official site. The art alone is worth a look, and Quill is a pretty tough heroine. It isn't the gloomy Goth book one might expect -- and it might be the kind of book (and movie) that could lure more girls to the comic book store.

While Quill remains uncast, the rest of the film is already clicking into place. Thor Freudenthal is attached to direct, and Evan Spiliotopoulous is penning the script. He's got some experience with adapting graphic novels, particularly when they focus on the afterlife, as he just finished "The Last Call" for Universal.

Well, readers -- are you interested in Quill and her deadly detective skills?