Christina Aguilera To Star As Catwoman...In Her New Music Video

With all of the hubbub surrounding the next "Batman" feature film -- and more importantly, speculation as to which villains will face off against the Caped Crusader in the next installment -- it's clear that Bat-fever continues to run rampant in Hollywood. And one of the top baddies that keeps being bandied about the blogs (that's called "alliteration," kids!) has been Selina Kyle -- a.k.a., Catwoman.

And while most of the leading ladies that have been rumored for or expressed interest in the role of Batman's part-time-love-interest are either already dead (in the film, that is) or just flat-out laughable, none have made a stronger case for the part than Christina Aguilera, who actually dons a super-sexy Catwoman costume in her new music video for her song, "Keeps Gettin' Better" (directed by geektacular "Hancock" director, Peter Berg). Check out the video below and see if you think "Xtina" has what it takes to play the role of Gotham City's hottest cat burglar...

So what say you, Bat-fans? Think Christina Aguilera could pull off the role of Catwoman, or is that part better left to the pros? Sound off in the comments.