Halloween Week: Oscar Nominee Kim Krizan Tells 'Zombie Tales,' We Preview Her Full Story

'Summer 2061' in 'Zombie Tales' #9Halloween Week continues here on Splash Page with more exclusive interviews and previews of the scariest comics hitting shelves in the days to come. Today we give you you a FULL, 8-PAGE STORY from Boom Studios' upcoming "Zombie Tales" #9 anthology.

Kim Krizan wants to eat your brain. No, not really -- but she does want to defy your expectations.

The Oscar-nominated writer of 2004's "Before Sunset," Krizan returns to a decidedly different world from her film projects in an upcoming issue of Boom Studios' horror anthology "Zombie Tales." Her contribution to the anthology, "Summer 2061," is a sequel to a story she contributed to the first issue of the anthology series, "Spring 2061," and picks up where Krizan’s group of human resistance fighters left off: in a world ruled by zombies.

"Its about Zombie Olympics," Krizan told MTV News about the second installment of her zombie trilogy, which concludes in "Zombie Tales" #11. "This zombie has turned humans into slaves for entertainment, and this human group has come out of hiding to witness the situation. They are faced with a decision about how they’ll handle this. They're vastly outnumbered, so they can decide to scamper back to their cave or do something about it -- facing the probability that they will be killed."

Besides being known for her Oscar-nominated film writing, Krizan also has a claim to fame as the teacher who told her class to remember that Independence Day is a holiday celebrating that "a bunch of slave-owning aristocratic white males didn't want to pay their taxes." These days, however, she spends her days teaching creative writing at UCLA and promoting her "non-fiction, tongue-in-cheek how-to manual for women," titled "Trade Secrets of the Femme Fatale."

Krizan said her "Zombie Tales" story is an allegory to the overall historical side of human sporting events, alluding to the gladiator battles between Christians and lions in ancient Rome. "The point is to show dominance in these games," Krizan explained. "What happens in 'Summer 2061,' is zombies delight in humans fighting each other to the death."

To say the least, this is quite a departure for the “Before Sunset” writer, but Krizan said horror writing is great to work out her masochistic tendencies and was doubly surprised when Boom! Publisher, Ross Richie, approached her to write a Zombie story.

"Zombies are symbolic," Krizan said, commenting on what she did to get behind the idea of doing a series of Zombie stories. "They could become a metaphor for what we’re becoming: consuming machines that are destroying the planet as we continue to evolve. We have very little resources left and we keep using them up. With horror, I could get my masochistic ya-yas."

According to Krizan, working on a comic book provided a sort of instant gratification when compared to the years of production it takes to bring a screenplay to the screen.

"I was sort of amazed how satisfying it was," said Krizan. "Going into production [in film], you agonize over the work, [and] so many years have passed until it goes from page to screen. The comic book, however, was a satisfying process. For me, it was very rewarding to see the artist's interpretation of what I wrote. You turn in your pages, you get the art back from the artist, and then it's put together. Its amazingly quick and satisfying for a writer to see the finished work."

Thanks to Boom Studios, now YOU can see the finished work, too -- all of it! Check out this exclusive preview of Kim Krizan's FULL 8-PAGE STORY, "Summer 2061," from "Zombie Tales" #9. The issue is scheduled for release in January, and features art by Jon Reed.

’Summer 2061' Page 1’Summer 2061' Page 2’Summer 2061' Page 3
’Summer 2061' Page 4’Summer 2061' Page 5’Summer 2061' Page 6
’Summer 2061' Page 7’Summer 2061' Page 8

Quite a change of pace, eh? What do you think of the world Kim Krizan has created in the "2061" stories? What other notable writers would you like to see sink their teeth into zombie tales? Check back here on Splash Page all week for more Halloween Week interviews and previews!