MTV Launches -- Watch 'Batdance' Anytime You Like!

For all of you haters out there griping about how MTV doesn't play music videos anymore, here's something to calm the waters. Check out MTV's new website, -- our new online catalog that finally opens up MTV's massive music video archive.

While has always been a source for the latest music videos, offers up a more in-depth library, including over 16,000 videos, "Unplugged" performances and exclusive MTV concert footage. And if a video you're looking for isn't there yet, check back regularly as more and more vids are added daily.

In case you need further proof of the pure awesomeness that is, check out this little gem we found while trolling the site -- Prince's "Batdance!"

And just out of curiosity, does anyone out there know exactly how to do the Batdance? Does it involve wearing cape of some sort? These are the questions that keep us up at night...

Did you check out Manage to find any other videos that have comic book film connections? Let us know about it in the comments.