Halloween Week: 'Chucky' Kills On Reality TV, We Get An Exclusive Preview Of The First Issue

'Chucky' #1Halloween Week continues here on Splash Page with more exclusive interviews and previews of the scariest comics hitting shelves in the days to come. Today we give you your first look at the second volume of Devil's Due Publishing's upcoming series based on the murderous adventures of everyone's favorite Good Guy doll gone bad, Chucky

Wasting a perfectly good weekend zombified on your couch would qualify for most people as a waste of time, a missed opportunity or just plain laziness. For writer Jason Burns, it counts as research.

"I'm the guy who will sit around on a Sunday afternoon and watch a sci fi/horror marathon for 12 hours," said the scribe who's heading up a new volume of "Chucky" comics based on the classic "Child's Play" film series. "I was familiar with all the Chucky movies and coincidentally had watched a marathon shortly before they offered it to me. So I just jumped right in."

Of course, time served as a horror junkie wasn't the only qualifier that nabbed Burns the gig scripting "Chucky" for Devil's Due Publishing. The writer made his comics splash with another horrific tale involving dolls -- the ventriloquist-themed murder mystery series for Viper Comics titled "A Dummy's Guide to Danger." Now, Burns' byline has found a home at Devil's Due with titles like "Curse of the Were-Woman." When it comes to "Chucky," however, Burns used all of his genre chops.

"One of the things I wanted to do was not just make it a slasher-type story. I wanted to bring a little bit of mystery to it too. There's a second killer involved, and it's a bit of 'Who's killing who?' type of thing," he explained, adding that amongst the horror and mystery beats, there will be a fair amount of satire to boot.

"My story involves Chucky being captured – we don't know why he's being captured, if it's to take him off the streets or whatever, but there's definitely a sinister element to it. He's locked in the old toy factory where the Good Guy doll was created. Then there's a group of people who are locked in the toy factory for a reality show, and they have to find a number of hidden numbers that will unlock the password and let them out of the place. It's a Sci Fi Channel-type reality show where everything's supposed to be fake and it's just a way for them to get their name out there. And then they find out that there are actually two killers inside the factory -- one of which is Chucky -- and the last number they have to get to get out of the place is in Chucky's pocket."

As the would-be reality stars fall, one-by-one, to the dual serial-killer threats, Burns stressed that not everything in the comic would be a grim exploration of societal trends. Let's face it, when the film franchise you're adapting ended its run with movies involving the phrases "Bride of" and "Seed of," you have to expect Chucky's plastic tongue to be planted firmly in cheek.

"There was definitely that kind of thing of 'Let's keep the character sarcastic!' and I think in a lot of ways that was part of a tradition in horror sequels for whatever reason," Burns said. "It happened to Freddy Krueger where he was this nightmarish character, and by the time the last one came out, he was a comedian doing stand up. So in the world of horror franchises, you need a good sarcastic end note when you kill somebody. You need the funny line and for the character to cross genres a little bit to get a broader audience."

Want more "Chucky"? Check out an exclusive preview of the first issue of the upcoming volume below, courtesy of Devil's Due Publishing. The unfinished pages below feature a story by Jason Burns and art by Christopher Provencher, with a cover by Andy B. The issue is scheduled for a November 26 release.

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