Is David Fincher's 'Torso' Adaptation On The Fast Track?

'Torso'Could the long-awaited adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko's iconic graphic novel "Torso" finally be headed into production? According to an interview posted on with Bill Mechanic -- who is developing the true crime horror thriller -- not only will "Torso" probably be director David Fincher's next major project, but filming could begin as early as March 2009.

Furthermore, according to the Collider interview, Mechanic also added that the very few casting rumors that have been floating around the internet since the movie was announced -- most notably that Matt Damon would be taking on the role of the book's protagonist, Elliot Ness -- were "probably true."

And that's the good news -- the bad news, as Mechanic makes mention of, is that the screenplay (written by Ehren Kruger) won't be a 100% faithful adaptation of the graphic novel, to the extent that the film may have an entirely different title. That being said, fans shouldn't be too disheartened -- after all, Fincher took a similar approach with "Fight Club" (based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk), and we all know how that flick came out (hint: AWESOME).

"Torso" retells the true story of the United States' unofficial first serial murderer -- following Elliot Ness as he investigates a series of brutal and horrific murders in and around the Cleveland area. The media dubs the killer "The Torso Murderer" since only that part of the victims' bodies were ever found. Despite the fact that The Torso Murderer would often send Ness taunting letters and gifts, he or she was never brought to justice.

Think Fincher can deliver on "Torso?" Does the news that the screenplay will deviate from the original source material bug you? Talk to us in the comments.