'The Dark Knight' Star Maggie Gyllenhaal Sets Eyes On Zombie Catwoman For 'Batman 3’

Maggie GyllenhaalDespite both "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan and screenwriter David Goyer saying there's been no significant movement on the highly-anticipated third installment of Warner Bros.'s "Batman" franchise -- Goyer even adding that any and all rumors that've hit the 'net are "B.S." -- it still doesn't hurt to ask the film's former cast about possible plans...even if said stars kinda-sorta died in the "The Dark Knight."

Case in point, at a recent H&M fashion event, MTV News caught up with "Dark Knight" star Maggie Gyllenhaal and asked if she'd like to be onboard for "Batman 3” -- despite the fact that her character, Rachel Dawes, met the business end of a warehouse full of explosives. Always a good sport, Gyllenhaal replied, "If they can work it out, I would be happy to be in another 'Batman.' If Chris Nolan is directing it, sure."

Meanwhile, since it's impossible to ask "Batman"-related questions without bringing up villains, Gyllenhaal was then asked, if she could play a villain in "Batman 3," which would it be?

"I guess I would like to play Catwoman," she replied. "But it seems unlikely at this point, right?"

I dunno, "Zombie Rachel 'Catwoman' Dawes" sounds like box office gold to us, Maggie!

Would you like to see Gyllenhaal return in the next "Batman" film? Or do you think it's time to move on to a new Hollywood beauty to play Bruce Wayne's love interest? Sound of in the comments below.

[Additional reporting by Jocelyn Vena]