'Hulk' Producer Talks Sequels, Avengers And Frozen Captain America

The HulkAs many of you know, the "Incredible Hulk" DVD hits stores this week featuring a deleted scene that shows a cool blink-and-you'll-miss-it Easter Egg: Captain America frozen in ice.

We just took a new interview live with producer Gale Anne Hurd in which she talks about the future of the character, "Hulk 2” vs. "Avengers," and who'll be battling the green guy in the next film. She also explained to us that she didn't get her signals crossed with "Incredible" filmmaker Louis Leterrier when she said Cap wasn't in the movie – because at the time, that was still true.

"No, he wasn't in the movie, and that's what people had asked me," she reasoned. "It was something that was thought of to be in the movie, but then the sequence wasn't completed, so it was completed for the DVD."

Hurd said she's a big fan of such Easter Eggs, which are apparently foreshadowing the 2011 "Avengers" flick. "[Crossovers] were something we had talked about from the very beginning because of the Sam Jackson cameo in ‘Iron Man,' which obviously we had heard about prior to the time that the movie came out and the expectation was that the fan response would be huge," she explained. "So, we decided we wanted to have that kind of Easter Egg in our film as well. Nothing could be more perfect than putting [Robert Downey Jr.] in our film, because it works so well with our story, the military…We also have Easter Eggs in our film from Stark Industries."

Some are speculating that the Cap cameo, the Stark scene, and Sam Jackson's role at the end of the "Iron Man" movie would seem to indicate that "Incredible Hulk" takes place before "Iron Man," and that the "Captain America" movie will be set in-between them chronologically. Not so, says Hurd.

"We haven't [plotted out any timeline]," said the producer. "I mean, Marvel probably has, but that wasn't part of something that we did."

Hurd also insisted that, at no point during the "Incredible Hulk" production, did Marvel express concerns that these Easter Eggs would tie down future movies to a certain timeframe. "No," she said. "Absolutely not."

If you could magically watch any future Marvel movie right now, which would you pick: "Hulk 2," "Avengers," "Captain America," "Iron Man 2" or "Thor"?