Carla Gugino Improvises For 'Watchmen' In-Character Documentary, 'Under the Hood'

Carla Gugino as Silk Spectre in 'Watchmen'As with most things “Watchmen,” when a brand new trailer and "Watchmen" poster debuted yesterday from 2009’s most anticipated film, fans once again exalted director Zack Snyder for his fidelity to the source material.

Wait’ll they get a load of how far that fidelity actually extends, Carla Gugino told MTV News.

An inter-chapter filler in the graphic novel, the memoirs of the first Nite Owl, “Under the Hood,” will be a bonus feature on the DVD -- bringing together all the old Minute Men for a mockumentary-style biography. The idea, Gugino insisted, was to try not to lose anything from the source material.

“That is what was so amazing too about working on this movie. Zack and Debbie, the producers, were continuously thinking of new ways to get more of the graphic novel into the movie in really creative ways,” Gugino enthused. "'Under the Hood' was something they just came up with and they were like, you know, in the next few weeks I think we are going to shoot this as a documentary. And then all of a sudden I ended up doing all of this research on what my character had said in certain things that were not actually said in the movie. We had such a great time doing it and I can’t wait to see it.”

Since it details certain events which aren’t exactly in the novel (or are, but only shown from secondhand accounts or memories), “Under the Hood” left the cast with a lot of room for improvisation, Gugino said.

“We had sort of a script we worked off of loosely and then I just improvised a bunch in character,” the woman soon to be known as Silk Spectre I revealed. “At the point [they film the documentary in the timeline of the novel] my character was in her 50s, so I’m wearing prosthetics. It was really fun to do.”

Sounds like there isn't anything Snyder is leaving out. Does a DVD mockumentary sound to you like a good compromise to get all the extra material in? Which are you looking forward to more, this or “Tales of the Black Freighter”? Sound off below.