Silk Spectres Carla Gugino & Malin Ackerman Duke It Out Over Their Relationship In 'Watchmen'

There are a lot of dysfunctional relationships in "Watchmen": between Dr. Manhattan and his wife, between Ozymandias and his staff, between Rorschach and, well... everyone.

But the relationship that, for many, is the saddest in the entire graphic novel is between Sally Jupiter and Laurie Juspeczyk, both mother and daughter and the first and second Silk Spectres, respectively.

Just how much can a daughter hate her mother?

"I think almost a 10 [out of ten]," Malin Ackerman, Silk Spectre II, told MTV News. "There are a lot of things that she is not too proud of her mother for. It’s a static relationship between the two of them, which ends up being quite beautiful. They fight through it, and as soon as my character figures out who she is and becomes an independent woman, it’s easier for her to have that relationship with her mother."

For the most part, Carla Gugino, who plays the first Silk Spectre, is in complete agreement.

"My character has sort of pushed her into a career that she doesn’t really want to be in, but that she really wants to be in, and that she had her prime in," Gugino explained of how her character forces her daughter into being a superhero.

What do you think? Is Laurie right in hating her mom? What, to you, is the most interesting relationship in the graphic novel? Sound off on your thoughts below.