New 'Watchmen' Teaser Poster Hits The Web

'Watchmen'It looks as though "Watchmen" has been taking a cue from "The Spirit" today in terms of hitting fans with a barrage of media in the hopes to build excitement for the upcoming release (as if us fanboys could possible be more excited about "Watchmen"). Earlier today, we got to check out an all new extended trailer for "Watchmen" from the 2008 Scream Awards, and now Warner Bros. has released an all new teaser poster for the upcoming film.

Fans who got to check out the new trailer will easily recognize the scene depicted on the poster -- that of the dramatic death of The Comedian (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan). And -- look closely -- and you'll see that "Watchmen" will be joining "Punisher: War Zone" in the "Rated R Club" -- which should be good news to those of us who have read the book and want the highly-anticipated film to maintain it's mature themes.

After the jump, check out the poster in full.

'Watchmen' Teaser Poster

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