Marvel Studios President Names 'Runaways' Film As Likely Post-'Avengers' Project

'Runaways'Marvel's award-winning series "Runaways" didn't have the most auspicious start. Canceled after 18 issues, then revived due to an outpouring of support from fans, the series was one of the most notable titles to come out Marvel's ill-fated Tsunami line, aimed at attracting manga readers to the publisher's universe. Once the series was revived, however, creators Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona found themselves with a hit on their hands. Multiple awards followed, and so did creative teams that included, among other prominent names in comics, "Strangers in Paradise" creator Terry Moore and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon.

Oh, and then there's that "Runaways" movie that's been rumored for quite a while now, too.

MTV News recently spoke with Marvel Studios' President Kevin Feige about "Runaways" -- and discovered that, not only was Feige one of the project's biggest supporters, a film based on the teen superteam's adventures was high on the list of Marvel's post-"Avengers" movie plans. In fact, he expects to see a finished script by early 2009.

"I love the idea. Brian brought to Marvel one of the best new concepts that we've had in quite some time," said Feige.

In discussing the vibe of the film, Feige compared "Runaways" to classic teen adventure films like "Goonies" and "Explorers" -- with a bit of "Stand By Me' thrown in for good measure, too.

"I love the idea of kids banding together, discovering this thing, which I think all kids secretly wonder at one time or another whether their parents are good or evil. Well, these guys find out, unfortunately, that their parents happen to be supervillains," said Feige.

And in a move that's sure to please the series' extremely loyal -- and vocal -- readers, Feige said it was a no-brainer to bring Vaughan in to script the film, which will follow a similar arc to Vaughan's initial storyline for the comics.

"I think it won't be a precise story line of any [of Vaughan's comics]," he explained, "but certainly it will be most similar to the tone or origins of his structure in its initial run."

And much like the print series, crossovers with the rest of the Marvel Universe might not happen often -- if at all -- in the "Runaways" movie. With Nick Fury making a cameo in "Iron Man," and Tony Stark making a cameo in "The Incredible Hulk," the push to tie the studios' projects together has been heavy, but not so much for this project, according to Feige.

Read the full story for more on comic-crossover possibilities.

Looking forward to "Runaways"? How does it stack up with your anticipation for some of the other movies based on comics coming out in the future? what do you think about Kevin Feige's assessment of the project and decision to bring Brian K. Vaughan in as the writer?