Terrence Howard Has Left 'Iron Man 2,' We Evaluate The Switch

Terrence Howard in 'Iron Man'The startling news of Terrence Howard’s departure from “Iron Man 2,” led us to take a look over at MTV Movies at 5 recent high-profile cast departures, and how they affected on-going franchises. We also wondered what cast members we’d like to see make a similar disappearance.

But what about the verdict of the day? How will Howard’s departure be judged? We broke it down Dr. Jack style to find out.

The Movie: “Iron Man 2

Who’s In / Who’s Out?: Don Cheadle replaces Terrence Howard as James Rhodes, the man who would become War Machine.

The Fans Say: Marvel jettisons an Oscar-nominated actor of great gravitas…and finds a way to get the one man who might actually be better. Although his character was underdeveloped in the first chapter, nobody has ever suggested Howard a weak point in the film. Still, his leveled, calm performance seems to contrast with the more outspoken, vociferous Rhodey of the comics. Cheadle can do the slow burn towards explosion better than anyone, and while not as physically imposing as Howard, projects a persona much more in tune with that of a military man.

What will be interesting to see in the coming months is whether Cheadle is as vocally supportive and enthusiastic of the franchise as Howard was. The game has changed for comic book movies in the age of the internet. Jon Favreau understands this -- so did Howard. It remains to be seen if Cheadle does as well.

Ultimately, the character was so marginal in the first film, Howard’s disappearance probably won’t spell disaster for “Iron Man 2,” allowing Cheadle not to stick out like a sore thumb. If the movie is half as good as the first, Cheadle’s presence will be praised regardless.

The Verdict: It’s odd…but not bad. Cheadle is a welcome presence for “Iron Man 2.”

But what do you think? Is the verdict a good one or a bad one? Will Cheadle’s presence be disruptive? Sound off on your thoughts below.