My Chemical Romance's Mikey Way Talks 'Batman,' Defends Frank Miller

Mikey WayStory by James Montgomery

Hey, did you know My Chemical Romance's Mikey Way is really good friends with comic book artist Jim Lee? Well, he is. And when MTV News spoke to him yesterday -- about the 8-page Batman/Scarecrow story he contributed to DC's "Halloween '08" book (it's in stores tomorrow) -- he spoke with great reverence about the Caped Crusader, calling him "the perfect super hero … he encompasses everything I like about the genre, plus old '30s film noir."

So naturally, this drove us to ask him about his take on something that involved both Lee and Batman: "All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder," the rather divisive ongoing series featuring art by Lee and a rather sadistic take on Batman himself, courtesy of Frank Miller. Seems most fans and critics don't really like the masochistic Dark Knight Miller has conjured up this time around (the whole "I'm the Goddamn Batman" thing), though Way doesn't agree. Seems he sees the books as just another wrinkle to the Batman Mythology.

"It's weird. When I was growing up Miller was doing 'Daredevil' and he was the golden boy, the top of the line. And now it just seems like people are trying to bring him down. I heard all this criticsm a bit it and I am like 'Really?'" he says. "It’s a different take on it, he's a jerk and I thought it was funny. The premise of 'All Star' is they take a hero and strip the continunity from it. Who's to say that Batman -- this man with rigid morals -- doesn't also take pleasure from punching people and driving the Batmobile through a window? It's an interesting take on it, something people aren't used to. And people kind of like their Batman like they like it. It's like pizza. They're very protective of it."

To read more about Way's take on Batman in "Halloween '08," head here. And Mikey's not the only Way that's into comics these days -- check out what Gerard Way had to say about the upcoming "Umbrella Academy" movie and My Chemical Romance's contribution to the upcoming "Watchmen" film.

Do you agree with Mikey's take on Frank Miller's "Batman?" Are you looking forward to his upcoming story in DC's Halloween Special? Talk about it in the comments.