'Dr. Strange' Movie Likely Among Next Crop Of Marvel Films, Says Studio President Kevin Feige

Dr. StrangeHe is the Master of the Mystic Arts and the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe. If a magician without limits seems unlikely in this day and age of “realistic” comic book movies, consider that Dr. Strange’s next moniker might be the weirdest of all: Big Budget Film Hero.

The character Marvel editor Joe Quesada called “problematic,” and comic writers Neil Gaiman and Stan Lee called the one character they’d most like to see next in film, is very much at the top of the list for a post “Avengers” make-over, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige told MTV News.

“Very much so,” Feige said. “I’d say in the next year, year and a half, as we start putting together our film slate for 2012 and 2013, I would not be shocked if we saw Dr. Strange on those lists. I love the idea of taping into the magical realm of the Marvel Universe, which is fairly significant and hasn’t yet seen life on screen.

“It’s something I’m very, very interested in,” he emphasized.

Feige was so insistent and enthusiastic, in fact, that we’re now taking “Dr. Strange” off the board and will no longer accept bets. We’re confident he’s coming and coming soon. Now all we have to do is let people not familiar with many Marvel characters beyond Spider-Man in on who the heck he is.

“Ha!” Feige laughed. “I remember two years ago at Comic Con the cover of the ‘LA Times Calendar Section,’ read ‘Marvel calls out the B team’ and there was a picture of Iron Man. We don’t look at them as 'B team.' Dr. Strange? This is one of the best characters we have. [He represents] this amazing cosmic universe to Marvel that we haven’t played with in films yet and I think could be amazing to play with.”

Who would you want to play Dr. Strange? Who would you want to direct? Would he work better as a stand alone character or is there a way he could be incorporated into “The Avengers” or other Marvel films? Sound off on all your thoughts below.