Check Out An Exclusive Preview Of DC Comics/Wildstorm's 'Chuck' Comic

'Chuck'Every so often, a TV show comes along that leaves comic book fans asking, "Why isn't that a comic book series?" Sometimes we luck out (like with DC Comics' recently released "Heroes" collections) and other times, not so much (still waiting on that four-color adaptation of "Lost," publishers...). But apparently, Jim Lee and the rest of the Wildstorm crew have heard the pleas from fans of NBC's hit action/comedy, "Chuck," and have delivered a fun-filled and action-packed six-issue mini-series which kicked off this past June.

Following the cast of characters from the television series, "Chuck" the comic book (written by series co-executive producer Peter Johnson and series writer Zev Borow) is pegged as an adventure that's "too big for television," and judging by the exotic locales Chuck Bartowski and his super-spy counterparts have been so far -- Japan, the Amazon and Eastern Europe just to name a few -- it's an apt description.

With the penultimate issue of the mini-series set to hit the stands on October 29, DC/Wildstorm has offered up Splash Page readers an exclusive look at the upcoming issue -- check it out after the jump!

In the six-issue mini-series, Chuck and his friends have been on a globe-hopping adventure in which they've faced off against everything from sexy, sword-wielding assassins to even sexier double-agents. However, the mission they embark on, although shrouded in secrecy at first, soon reveals itself to be the rescue of a mysterious man who holds high importance in geopolitical relations. The action picks up right off the bat in "Chuck" #5...

’CHUCK’ #5 Cover’CHUCK’ 5, pg 1’CHUCK’ 5 pg 2
’CHUCK’ 5 pg 3’CHUCK’ 5 pg 4’CHUCK’ 5 pg 5

Do you watch "Chuck"? What do you think of his comic book adventures? Would you like to see more "Chuck" comics out of Wildstorm in the future? Talk to us in the comments.