My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way Talks About 'Umbrella Academy' Film & Why He's Not Ready For It Yet

Gerard WayWith news of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way's "Umbrella Academy" headed for development over at Universal, Splash Page looked back to a recent interview we did with the fanboy-turned-rock star-turned-comic writer on what he hopes happens with a potential "Umbrella Academy" film.

"It’s a pretty recent development," explained Way from an interview from the floor of this year's San Diego Comic-Con. "Mike Richardson, who runs Dark Horse and owns it, just signed a three picture deal with Universal because he has a great relationship with them from 'Hellboy,' and the first film that he wanted to get made – that they wanted to option – was 'Umbrella Academy.'"

For those of you in need of a refresher course, Way describes "Umbrella Academy" as, "A post-modern superhero story – not a 'superhero comic.' It’s the story of seven extraordinary individuals adopted and raised by a closet space alien [named Sir Reginald Hargreeves] – poorly – to save the world from nobody knows what."

Yet as excited as Way is for an "Umbrella Academy" film, the unabashed comic geek who was once an intern at DC Comics and graduated from New York's School of Visual Arts with a degree in cartooning, is quick to say that he hopes that a few more volumes of "Umbrella Academy" can hit shelves before a film hits theaters.

"You know how it goes, you wanna see it happen so you get really excited, but you gotta kinda be patient," said Way. "By the time the film comes out, I think we’ll be on series four [of 'Umbrella Academy'] which I think is important. I think if a movie came out right now, we only have one series under our belt, and it’s not enough mythology out there."

As far as the aforementioned "mythology" Way mentions, it could mean scenes that he wanted to work into "Umbrella Academy" stories but couldn't due to the limited amount of space on a monthly comic.

"There’re scenes that couldn't make it into the comic because we didn’t have enough room that actually would be perfect for film, scenes that really open it up a bit more," said Way. "Not like Hollywood explain-o stuff – like literally scenes that should’ve been in there."

For example?

"There was supposed to be a whole end scene where there was supposed to be a funeral for Dr. Pogo and that’s actually where you meet The Rumor’s daughter for the first time, she’s there with her daughter at the hospital, [but we] couldn’t fit it. So there’s things like that I’d love to see in the film."

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