Frank Miller On The Look & Feel Of 'The Spirit' And Robert Rodriguez's Influence

Frank MillerDuring this weekend's Scream Awards, Frank Miller offered up a bit more insight regarding the vibe of his upcoming adaptation of Will Eisner's "The Spirit" comics, telling Sci Fi Wire that the film was "romantic, but as in 'Sin City,' you don't know what date it is."

Miller described his take on "The Spirit" as a "very urban/Zorro story," and said he attempted to make the story "as timeless as possible."

"You will see cell phones and vintage cars and not really know where you are," added Miller, who isn't the first to take such an approach to the classic Eisner hero. Earlier this month, we spoke to "Die Hard" screenwriter Steven de Souza about the 1987 "Spirit" TV Pilot he created and the similar, "timeless" interpretation he used for the project.

Miller also name-checked director Robert Rodriguez, with whom he shared credit on "Sin City," as being a major influence on "The Spirit," Miller's first solo project behind the camera.

"I learned everything I know about directing from Robert Rodriguez. Everything," said Miller. "Mainly, I learned never to waste anyone's time."

"The Spirit" opens December 25, 2008.

What do you feel about the "timeless" setting for films like "The Spirit"? Will the lessons Miller learned from Rodriguez make "The Spirit" a success? Tell us what you think in the comments!