Rumored 'Green Lantern' Ryan Gosling Discusses Possible Superhero Roles

Ryan GoslingNews and rumors regarding the currently-in-development movie based on "Green Lantern" have been flooding the internet over the past month, and so far, fans of DC's Emerald Interstellar Enforcer have been hearing nothing but good news about the production -- from the fanboy-friendly script to co-writer Marc Guggenheim's sources of inspiration.

However, one bit of news that has had fans scratching their collective noggins has been rumors of Ryan Gosling being considered for the potential lead role of Hal Jordan (the man who would eventually take on the mantle of Green Lantern). Splash Page looked back to an interview with Gosling from September of last year that could shed some light on his thoughts toward playing a superhero.

While rumors of the actor landing the role of Green Lantern weren't a fanboy topic of conversation at the time, Gosling did make it clear that the task of playing a superhero would be a daunting one for him -- and one he wasn't sure he'd even be thought of for.

"I never really read comic books actually, so it's not really a genre I'm familiar with," said Gosling. "[But] I don't know if anyone would have me as a comic book hero. It's never really come across my path."

But even though Gosling's a talented actor and certainly has the look for the part (maybe just add some grey streaks to his hair), he still felt that moviegoers would see him play the role of a superhero for reasons other than thrilling action and adventure. "You'd go for the wrong reasons. You'd get high, watch me go play [a superhero] and laugh."

Would you go see Gosling play a hero just to laugh, or do you think he's got what it takes for the role of Green Lantern? Discuss your opinions in the comments.