Check Out Our Exclusive Preview To IDW's All-New 'Ghostbusters' Mini-Series

'Ghostbusters: The Other Side'Way back in July, Splash Page brought you an exclusive first look at the art of IDW's all-new Ghostbusters comic mini-series, "Ghostbusters: The Other Side," and spoke with series writer Keith Champagne. The writer promised fans a Ghostbusters tale unlike any other, with Egon, Ray, Winston and Peter facing-off against a crew of ghosts comprised of notorious gangsters, including the likes of Lucky Luciano, Bugsy Seigal, Meyer Lansky, and Al Capone. As Champagne put it, “Ghosts [that] were the types of guys that — while alive — weren’t shy about hitting first.”

Furthermore, Champagne promised a "back to basics" approach to the series, promising fans that his Ghostbusters tale would be 100% Slimer-free. “It’s just a real back-to-basics approach to the property. It’s a different kind of adventure for the team, part adventure, part hard boiled crime drama, plenty of comedy,” explained Champagne. “But the focus is squarely back on the characters we all loved growing up. Which is where it should be.”

With the first issue of "The Other Side" set to hit the shelves on October 15 -- and with Halloween right around the corner -- the good folks at IDW figure now would be the perfect time to give fans a taste of what's to come in the mini-series with an exclusive 6-page preview of the first issue, written by Champagne with art by Tom Nguyen. Check it out after the jump!

'Ghostbusters: The Other Side' Cover'Ghostbusters: The Other Side' Pg. 1'Ghostbusters: The Other Side' Pg. 2
'Ghostbusters: The Other Side' Pg, 3'Ghostbusters: The Other Side' Pg. 4'Ghostbusters: The Other Side' Pg. 5
'Ghostbusters: The Other Side' Pg. 6

So what do ya think, "Ghostbusters" fans? Will you be picking this up at your local comic shop? Let us know in the comments!