Is Kenneth Branagh Officially On Board To Direct 'Thor'?

Kenneth BranaghCould acclaimed actor/director Kenneth Branagh be officially on board to direct "Thor?" According to a recent post on -- a British website that covers theatre and performing arts -- that just might be the case.

While there has been no official word from Marvel Studios or Branagh's reps, WhatsOnStage reports that Branagh will be stepping down from directorial duties on a stage production of "Hamlet" (starring Jude Law) "because of commitments to the forthcoming feature film 'Thor,' a project he’s recently undertaken." The story notes that Branagh will continue as an "artistic associate" for the current theatre season.

Again, given the fact that no official word has come down regarding Branagh's commitment to a "Thor" film, one could at the very least assume that -- given the off-hand mention of "Thor" on a theatre-based website and the fact that Branagh's stepping down from a major theatre production -- it looks at least as though the wheels are in motion on this project and Branagh's attachment to it. Stay tuned to Splash Page, true believers, as it looks like there just might be even more big news coming out of Marvel still!

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